Carmen Cabrera

Exec. Admin of Sales & Marketing

Carmen Cabrera has excelled and succeeded in numerous career ventures wearing many different hats prior to settling with the “Selling in Philly” Team in 2016.  As Executive Administrator & Director of Marketing for Michael Giuda’s busy, growing team, Carmen’s “hat” collection continues to grow!  She single handedly performs the duties of transaction manager, marketing guru, brand specialist, business development & growth specialist, and everything in between, all while keeping the whole team organized and on track.

Carmen is the “go to” person and client liaison for all transactions and is in constant communication with everyone involved.  Carmen’s vast knowledge, experience, and endless energy helps provide top-level service and personal attention to clients, making her a valuable member of the team.

Traveling the country, excelling in diverse business ventures, and forever expanding her knowledge, this feisty, life of the party, multilingual Puerto Rican will always leave you with a smile on your face.

Life experiences have given Carmen an appreciation for life, love, relationships, and of course …. French Bulldogs.  Her big personality is matched only by her big heart.

“…Live your life with childish awe and wonder … love and forgive freely… communicate honestly & listen with empathy …color outside the lines…with gratitude comes abundance…and always remember to pay it forward…”

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